Classroom Management Plan
My classroom behavior plan:

 Each student has an agenda to bring back and forth to school daily.  This is the key communication tool for me to keep in contact with parents about behavior issues as well as upcoming classroom events. 

Every student starts a fresh everyday.  If there is an issue or concern, I will be writing in the student agenda for that day.  I ask that the student get a parent signature that night telling me that you are aware of the situation.  

I also ask students to bring me their agenda if there is a note from parents.

1.  The first behavior office results in a warning.
2.  The second behavior offense results in a clipping down on the behavior chart to yellow.  Student may be sent to buddy teacher for a time out.  An email, phone call or note in agenda will also be made. 
3.  The third offense, the students will be clipped down to red and an office referral will be sent to the front office.

Getting "caught" doing something good.

When a student displays model behavior, where the student does not need reminders to follow classroom rules, or is "caught" doing something good, they will be recognized as a model student, clipped up to blue, a note written in their agenda and given a treasure box prize.

Again-Each day in your child’s agenda they will write down their homework, events going on in school, reminders, and behavior issues if needed.

Please initial or sign their agendas daily and have them returned with your child daily.