Mr. Benson

Mr. Benson


The 2019-2020 school year will be my fourth year teaching 7th grade math.  Previously I was an accountant for a financial institution for 15 years.  

This year, your student will have minimal homework in math.  However, if your student is struggling, they should be practicing on khanacademy , ixl, and prodigygame.  These are the three practice sites we are utilizing this school year.  Students may end up having to complete assignments from class at home.  There will be frequent requirements to complete a minimum number of problems as instructed by the teacher.   

In order to minimize homework, students are required to take notes daily.  Students are expected to have a writing instrument (pencil or pen) and a notebook every day.  Students are also expected to bring fully charged chromebooks to school every day.  The chromebooks are their textbooks and an uncharged chromebook is the same as leaving their textbook at home.  Each day they are instructed to copy the "I can" statement into their notebook.  The "I Can" statement is student friendly statement of the Arizona Career and College Readiness standard that we are working on that day.  I encourage parents to have their student explain the statement to them.  

My grade book is Standards Based.  Students are graded based on the ability to master the standards that we have gone over.  Each student will be given a second opportunity to replace a grade should they struggle demonstrating a particular skill.  The skills that are tested are listed in the grade book as we assess them.  There will also be a participation and practice grade in the grade book.  All parents can access their students grades via ParentVue.  If you do not have access to ParentVue, please contact the school office to get access.  This is a valuable tool for parents to help keep their student accountable.