Code of Conduct


Centerra Mirage School
“Blazing the Trail to Success”

Principal:  Mrs. Casey Frank
Asst. Principal:  Ms. Cynthia Soe Myint
15151 West Centerra Drive South   Goodyear, AZ  85338
FAX:  623-772-4891

Dear Parents;
    One of the goals of Centerra Mirage School is to provide a safe and orderly environment in which students can learn.  As a result, we have developed a Code of Conduct that gives students the responsibility of managing their behavior.  The following is the Code of Conduct all students will be expected to follow at Centerra Mirage School.

Centerra Mirage Code of Conduct
1.    Arrive at school on time and prepared for class with
       necessary supplies and completed homework.
2.    Respect the rights, feelings and property of others.
3.    Do what is asked of you the first time.
4.    Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
5.    Wear the school uniform correctly (as described in the Student        
6.    Stay in designated area.
7.    Do not use profanity.
8.    Do not engage in disruptive behavior.
9.    Follow bus rules and bus driver’s directions.
10.  Do not bring non-school related items to school.

If a student chooses to not follow the Code of Conduct the parents will be notified. If a student continues poor behavior, he/she will be assigned to the Recovery Room at Centerra Mirage School.  If the child has further difficulty following the above rules, he/she will be given an office referral.  Parents will be contacted throughout this process.  An office referral may exclude your child from participating in incentive activities or classroom field trips.

Please review the Code of Conduct with your child and discuss your expectations for your child’s behavior.  In addition to the items listed above, students are expected to follow district rules and guidelines which are found in the Student Handbook.  We have found that students are ready to learn and will experience more success in school when parents and school staff work together.  Our plan is to work with you to create and maintain a positive and safe environment for all the students at Centerra Mirage School.  Please sign below & return to school tomorrow.

Thank you for your support on this important school safety issue,

Mrs. Casey Frank