Suggested Kinder Supply List

Centerra Kindergarten School Supply List 

The following supplies are needed in kindergarten for the children to share

Please do not label these items with your child’s name.  You may send the items to school with your child on the first day. 

* 4-Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons

* 4 Plastic Pocket Folders with Prongs

* 1-Box of No. 2 Pencils

* 8-Glue Sticks

*1-Pair of Kid Scissors

*1 pkg. of sheet protectors

*1- 1inch binder

*2-pkg. of Expo Dry Erase Markers

* 1-Box of Wet Wipes/Clorox Wipes

* 1-Boxes of Kleenex

* 1-Pencil Box

*1 pair of head phones

The following supplies need to be labeled with your child’s first and last name

* 1-Backpack (large enough to fit folders; please no wheels on the backpacks)

* 1-Lunch Box (if your child is bringing lunch)

* 1-Pencil Box 

*1 pair of head phones

*These items are important, and all other items are on our wish list! Please just pick a few items to purchase for the class. You do not need to buy everything on the list

Teacher Wish List

 1-Ream of Colored Xerox Paper

1- Ream of Card Stock White or Colored

1-Box of Gallon Size Freezer Ziploc Bags

1-Box of Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags