Suggested 2nd Grade Supply List

Suggested Individual Supplies

a backpack that fits into the cubbies  (no wheels please)

2 Composition Notebooks

3 pocket folders

a small supply box (MUST fit inside of the student’s desk) to hold:

-#2 pencils (preferable Ticandroga as they last longer)

-red pen


-colored pencils (no markers please)

-1 pair of scissors

-1 highlighter (any color)

-2 glue sticks

-pencil sharpener

Earbuds or headphones for iPad

Suggested Supplies for the Classroom

Girls Boys
1 pack of wide lined paper Ream of copy paper
Colored pencils #2 pencils
Small ziplock bags Large ziplock bags
Glue sticks Tissues
Bleach wipes Bottle of sanitizer
Ream of copy paper  


Because we have limited storage space in the classroom and work on projects throughout the year, I may be sending requests home for additional supplies.