Team Information

Team Information
This is the image for the news article titled Team InformationBeing a member of the Centerra Mirage STEM Academy's robotics team is very exciting!  The team uses the Engineering Design Process to create competition robots.  They also practice with other VEX Robotics teams within our district, west valley league, and in the state of Arizona.  The team has been recognized in local media and across the valley through participation in VEX Robotics competitions.

In order to apply and be considered for the Robotics Team, students will need to be able to:

  • learn all aspects of the team, including engineering notebooks
  • complete and present a STEM research project prior to building robot
  • consistently maintain ‘Meets’ or higher in all academic subjects (grades checked weekly) and complete in-class assignments in a timely manner
  • earn no behavior referrals
  • attend mandatory team meetings 2 times a week
  • attend team competitions and events outside of school (3-6 per season)
  • work cooperatively with others
  • be able to speak in front of groups
  • complete application form (including the writing portion) and return by due date

Parental Commitment

Parental support is invaluable to the success of our robotics team and plays a part in team member selections.  Parents will be expected to:

*attend parent information meetings when scheduled

 *transport (or arrange transportation) to scheduled team events and competitions

 *pick up students by 4:30 p.m. on team meeting days

 *attend a minimum of 3 team activities

 *to have students attend team meetings/events/competitions and notify coaches in advance of any scheduling conflicts

 *ensure that the student maintains at least a ‘Meets’ in all academic subjects in order to remain on the team

 *participate in team fundraising events  OR  donate to the team via Tax Credit (with your support, we hope to have multiple teams at each grade level from 3rd-8th grades)

Contact the front office to sign your child up on this year's Waiting List.

*Please note that  by participating on the RoboCops team, you give the Centerra Mirage Robotics team leadership permission to place photographs of students on team publications, and/or Centerra Mirage/Avondale Elementary School District website and/or Facebook page.