Behavior Policy

Behavior Chart Explanation

Dear Parents,

       This year we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior and our choices.  Your child will have a clip that they will physically move up or down, depending on their choices. Clips that are moved down may be moved back up if the teacher sees the student making improved choices.  However, once a clip is moved up, it may also be moved down. 

       Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day – for them to move up, they must go above and beyond in their behavior choices. Their behavior calendar will be colored a specific color depending on the choices they have made for the day. And it is okay to remain on green!  The chart below explains how the clip chart works.





If students move their clip to Outstanding they add a special decoration to their clip and receive a special note to take home. This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior, and will not be given out loosely. I want this to remain special; please don’t expect your student to reach this level daily.


Students move to Great Job for continuing to make good choices throughout the day. Please congratulate your student when they reach this level!


Outstanding Job!

Students move to Good Day for making good choices, trying their best, and showing good character. This is a good level to end the day on so celebrate if they are on blue.


Ready to Learn

Good day


Students will start every day on green “Ready to Learn. They will move up or down during the day depending on the choices they make. This is an acceptable level to stay at so celebrate if they are on green.


Think About It

If you receive a warning, you will be asked to move your clip down to help you remember to think about your choices. Talk to your child and discuss how they can make better choices.


Parent Contact

If you still choose to make bad choices, you will move to red. “Parent will be Contacted.” If this continues you will receive a major office referral for mom or dad to sign and they may have to visit the office