Supply List

First Grade School Supplies

These are suggested supplies, no supplies are required.
1. Large Eraser and pencil erasers
2. Box of Crayons
3. Multiple Packs of glue sticks
4. Pack of pencils
5. Scissors
6. Pencil Box
7. Box of Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart or gallon size)
8. Box of Kleenex
9. Germ Wash-Hand Sanitizer
10. Clorox/lysol type disinfecting wipes
11. Four sturdy 2 pocket, 3-prong folders (green, yellow, blue & personal choice for the 4th one)
12. Writing Journal and Math Journal  (Two Composition Books)
13. Index Cards (small size)

**The first grade's wish list** -
Any small gift item for the prize box (pencils, key chains, little balls, stickers, erasers, etc.)

- New /used books, puzzles, and games
- Ream of paper --white or colored
- Cardstock paper