Class Policies and Procedures

Please help your child remember...

  • Students need to come to class prepared (homework completed) and prepared to learn.
  • Students must wear uniforms and uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times.  
  • Every night students should be doing their homework, reading for 15-20 minutes, and practicing their spelling and vocabulary words.


  • Homework packet that will go home each Monday and is due back by Friday
  • Read 15-20 minutes every night.
  • Practice spelling words

You can see how your students are doing through Parent Vue.  All grades can be accessed there.  


  • Clip chart
    • Green:  Everyone starts here
    • Blue, Purple, Pink:  Good choices
    • Yellow:  Warning
    • Orange, Red: Teacher Choice/ Parent Contact
  • The students will record their behavior on their behavior calendar at the end of each day.
  • Table Rewards
    • Each table group will have the opportunity to work toward reward badges. Once they fill up their reward chart, the table group will earn a reward.
  • Marble Jar:  The class will work towards earning whole class rewards by earning marbles for the entire class exhibiting good behavior in various areas including walking in line, behaving in specials, lunch behavior, and quiet working behavior in the classroom. When the marble jar is full the entire class will enjoy a reward.