Suggested 2nd Grade Supply List

Suggested Individual Supplies

a backpack that fits into the cubbies  (no wheels please)

1 1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder labeled with your child's name (will hold agenda)

2 Non-spiral notebooks  (Composition Books)

4 pocket folders labeled with your child's name

1 labeled "Homework" (goes in binder)

1 labeled “Technology”

1 labeled “Important Papers to Keep”

1 labeled “Parent Communications”

1 white board with dry erase marker and erase

a small supply box (MUST fit inside of the student’s desk) to hold:

-writing pencils

-red pen


-colored pencils (no markers please)


-highlighter (any color)

-2 glue sticks

-pencil sharpener

Earbuds for iPad

Suggested Supplies for the Classroom

Girls Boys

*1 pack of lined *bleach wipes *highlighters *writing paper *colored pencils *erasers *1 box tissues *writing pencils

*small zip bags *large zip bags *glue sticks *1 bottle sanitizer Anyone *dry erase markers *1 pack blank paper

*color/construction paper *crayons