Suggested Kinder Supply List

This is a list of suggested supplies to support and enrich your child’s Kindergarten experience.

1Backpack (no wheels) hand sanitizer

scissors (label with name) 1 pack yellow highlighters

1 box of tissues 24 pencils (Ticonderongo)

3 packs of crayons (24) Set of clothes labeled in a Ziplock bag

1 pack of Crayola markers 4 two pocket folders (Plain solid colors)

4 glue sticks 1 pack Expo dry erase markers

       2 bottles of glue 1 pack spiral bound Index cards (label with name)

1 Composition Notebook (primary with space for pictures) Tops or Mead

Our class wish list can be found below.  Whatever you can donate is greatly appreciated and allows for more experiences in kindergarten.  Thanks a bunch for all your help and support.

Parent Volunteer Play doh

Ream of color copy paper hand sanitizer

Ream of card stock white or colors Clorox wipes

Pink pearl erasers     Baggies gallon, snack, sandwich

Cups Plates small and large

Donations for special events and projects                  Shaving cream