PE Policies, and Grading Procedures

Classroom Procedures and Grading Policies


All students are required to abide by the following rules regarding uniforms:

  • Students must wear closed-toed shoes.

  • Shorts must be finger tip length or longer.

  • Shorts and pants must be worn on the waist.

  • Cold weather clothing such as hoodies may not be worn during class.

                                                                                                                                         MEDICAL EXCUSES

Any student not able to participate in the activities for a particular day must bring a parent’s note requesting the student be excused from activity. For a long-term illness or injury (more than three days), a physician’s statement is needed.

Parents should inform the teacher in writing of any medical problem or concern that their child has that will impact their participation in Physical Education class infrequently (ex. asthma, bee sting reactions).


Students are expected to participate everyday, follow established class rules, conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner, and attempt to do their “best” in daily activities.                                 

Grading points will be earned according to the following criteria:

  • Cooperation/Participation             

  • Sportsmanship / Team Work         

  • Leadership/ Initiative               

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • Responsibility

  • Knowledge of the rules, strategies, and techniques of various sports and activities

Points will be deducted according to the following criteria:

  • Not dressed appropriately according to school uniform policy                             

  • Tardiness  

  • Inappropriate behavior /not following directions                 

  • Disregard for safety and health factors                              

  • Failure to perform proper warm ups and exercises              

  • Fighting, bullying or intimidation /not following Student Code of Conduct                 

  • Use of Gum/Candy/Food in the gym

  • Disrespect to the teacher and/or students                                                                      


In order to maintain good communications with parents/guardians concerning the preparation, participation, and progress of your child, the following steps will be followed:

1.    The first and second time a student does not dress for, or participate in physical education class, the teacher will discuss the problem with the student.

2.    The third or fourth time a student isn’t prepared for class the teacher will contact the parents/guardians by phone or email.

    3.  The fifth time a student isn’t prepared or participating in class activities, the student will be referred to the administration for behavior follow up.       


Parents/Guardians will be called for constant behavioral concerns or for a major infraction of the physical education procedures and policies. Inappropriate behavior by any student will not be tolerated.


Students are responsible for their actions and must abide by the following rules:

General Procedures:

  • Report to gym on time and be prepared to start quickly

  • No running or horseplay in the gym

  • No standing on bleachers unless instructed

  • No loud or inappropriate language

  • No glass objects, cell phones, electronics or food items

  • Use the restroom facilities and water before reporting to class.

Gymnasium /Activity Protocol:

  • Report directly to your assigned area - no horseplay, bad language, disruptive or disrespectful behavior allowed

  • Perform warm-up exercises

  • Listen for directions and procedures