5th Grade Suggested Supply List

                                 Centerra Mirage School

                                         Fifth Grade – Supply List

Please keep in mind that fifth grade students travel to different classes during the day and will be carrying supplies in their backpack from class to class.  Please label all supplies.


S U G G E S T E D   S U P P L I E S

To Be


Ink Pens – Red, Green, Black, Blue

#2 Pencils (not mechanical)

Pencil sharpener with pencil shaving catcher

Pencil box or pencil pouch (to be kept in backpack)


Expo markers (dry erase) & eraser

Colored pencils

Colored markers

Individual folders for subjects – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Binder not recommended due to bulkiness in backpack

Yellow highlighters

Glue sticks


Wide rule notebook paper

Single subject spiral notebooks (3) yellow, blue, and green

Composition notebook

3 Subject spiral red notebook for Math (for note taking all year)

Ear Buds to be used with the ipad

The supplies listed below will need to be replaced as needed.


T E A C H E R   W I S H   L I S T

To Be


Clorox wipes

Photocopy paper

Kleenex tissues

Zip lock bags gallon and sandwich size

Hand sanitizer

Blue painters tape

Dry erase markers

Wide-ruled notebook paper